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If you would like more information our practice in Folsom, please take a moment and contact us by using the form below. We only need your basic information, and from that we will contact you to answer more specific and in-depth questions about our Personal Injury services.  We can assist you with travel arrangements if you were from out of the area, as well as answering any other questions you may have.  Thank you![ninja_form id=1]

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Folsom Personal Injury provides an excellent way to attain satisfying solutions for your Personal Injury needs. Our approach is one of an interactive and legal client centered orientation.  We always strive to provide the very best in services and outcomes for our clients.

Specialties include:
Personal Injury
Dealing with insurance companies

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How to find a personal injury lawyer

There are a number ways to find a personal injury lawyer. These ways can include looking to directories, talking with other lawyers, referral services, or simply talking to friends and family to determine appropriate recommendations.

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer

In order to determine if your “shortlist” of prospects have the qualities and skills you need, you will need to spend time discussing the features of your claim and the ways he proposes to address it. You should make sure to bring all documents related to your case, from medical information, to police reports, accident reports, and any ways to verify the loss of income associated with your injury or accident claim.  It is standard practice for most lawyers to offer a free initial consultation. It is not considered good practice for a lawyer to charge you for a simple initial consultation or discussion. In such cases it is wise to look for other assistance.

Questions to ask your potential lawyer on the first consultation

General questions to ask should include the following.
1. What percentage of the lawyer’s practice actually involves personal injury cases versus different types of cases?
2. How long has the lawyer been in practice, and practicing personal injury cases?
3. If you find a connection with a particular lawyer, is this the person who’s going to personally handle your case or will be transferred to another lawyer in the practice. At times this can occur and result in a transfer of your case to a less experienced lawyer. Be careful under such circumstances.
4. Discuss with the lawyer in general terms what he thinks the case could be worth. Does he typically try to settle with an insurance company and pursue a rapid resolution to the case, or is he a lawyer who tends to obtain as much financial compensation as possible, often times taking more time to resolve such a case.

All these factors are important to consider. Once you have identified a lawyer who can answer the above questions to your satisfaction, you may be ready to settle on doing business with this person.



How to Choose the Right Attorney in Sacramento for Employment Law

Looking for the right attorney for a specialized category such as employment law can be as daunting as the problem itself.


Each state has its own legislation and rules, which means you should pick an attorney for the state and city you are in such as Sacramento.


There are a few things to consider prior to selecting your attorney. The first thing would be how to find an attorney. There are a few options that you can look into. There is always a Sacramento Google search for attorneys that handle employment law. You can ask around for recommendations from people you know and have actual experience with attorneys and the selection process. The American Bar Association can give you names of attorneys and what their specialties are. Don’t select an attorney with little or no experience of employment law in Sacramento.


Experience is a priority in searching for the right attorney. Lack of experience can from the beginning doom your case. Honesty from your attorney is a must. There are only a few a couple of ways to determine whether or not you have met an honest attorney, this is reference and gut feelings. One of the more practical but somewhat time consuming efforts may be to look into your city and/or state for laws or guidelines that attorneys should or must follow.


Another part of your considerations would be if you want someone from a large firm or whether or not you want a small firm. Large firms are quite likely to have a specific person who does employment law but you could easily get lost in the fray. Communication may not be as may not be as frequent as you personally need. This would include all the steps that would be required of you for the court, mediator or hearing. In a small firm you may not find a specific person who handles employment law, but a person who has experience in various areas of the law. You are also more likely to have updates on your case more frequently than with a large firm.


Consultations are likely to cost. You may only want to consult with just a few of your selection or it can run you quite a bit. Cost should be on the top of your list once, attorney fees vary make sure you evaluate carefully. There is no reason to pay an attorney more than what you may actually get should you win your case.


One other tip is to find someone that you have a good rapport with. Getting along with a person who represents you is as much of a priority as honesty is. A good relationship will aid in the work that the attorney will put into your case. If you have a good relationship you will feel comfortable with the honesty issues as well as communications.


Employment laws can be difficult particularly if the employer is in another state. Be sure your attorney can actually handle what you need.